Strawberry in Hiding
Strawberry in Hiding

It’s very hot at the moment. Yesterday, I took some photos of some plants and flowers in the garden.

I took loads of photos until my camera battery ran out. I managed to take a few good ones, but probably my favourite is this one of a strawberry on a strawberry plant. It looks like it is hiding.

I’ve also added a new page to my website, a music page, where I have embedded some Spotify and YouTube links to some tunes that I created. I’m intending to add more links to it in the future.

Pixel Art Tree

Here is my pixel art tree.

I have been playing a couple of pixel art style games which lead to me watching some videos about pixel art on YouTube. I decided to make some of my own pixel art as I quite like the style.

As it was done pixel by pixel, the image was really quite small. I made the image larger by setting the resampling option to ‘Nearest Neighbour’ and then increasing the size, keeping the same aspect ratio.

Pixel Art Tree
A tree that I drew in a pixel art style


I recently got a wildlife camera. You can leave it outside and it takes pictures and video if it detects anything moving. One night there was a sneaky mouse outside my back door. Here is a still from the video.


I have been meaning to sort this site out for some time but have not been sure what to do with it. It was my portfolio site a few years ago but now I have decided it will be a blog.

I have spent ages on and off faffing about with templates and making banners to fit the template only to give up and use another template with another banner size… anyway I think it’s about time I made my mind up, so here it is.  I might start making some posts soon as well.

In the meantime, here is a photograph I took a few years ago of a mysterious looking geranium.